TEST: Yes on Proposal 3 Ballot Measure: New York


Digital targeting to protect the Adirondack and Catskills mountains

The Nature Conservancy in New York asked HGCDigital to design a targeting campaign to drive voters to trustworthy messages and editorials supporting Prop 3 and push the Yes vote.

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New York

We leveraged key insights from the detailed polling information to target undecided voters across the state of New York. By matching propensity voter data, we not only targeted New Yorkers we knew were going to show up at the polls, but also that were most likely to complete their full ballot.

Animated banner ads provided a narrative for voters about Prop 3, and we optimized ad deliverability based on location, message and messenger. We delivered 2,654,163 targeted ad impressions across mobile, desktop and Facebook targeting. Utilizing the polling data in terms of targets, we divided the electorate among geographies and demographics, matching the look and feel of the creative with what we knew would move that specific voter. The overall click-through-rate was 0.16%, which is nearly three times the industry gold standard. We focused these ads on approximately 160,000 New Yorkers that we knew from previous vote history would likely show up to vote in an off-year election.

On Election Night, the Yes on Prop 3 campaign won convincingly despite a last-minute opposition campaign. In fact, the ballot initiative won by only 126,225 votes and The Nature Conservancy credits this digital engagement program as one of the key tactics that helped win the vote.