Protect Working Families: Mask Ballot Initiative for Collective Bargaining

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"This air pack I'm wearing gives me 30 minutes to look inside your burning house and find you."

Collective bargaining means modern and dependable equipment for firefighters.

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Proposal 2 worked to amend the Michigan state constitution to guarantee public and private-sector employees the right to organize and collectively bargain. Gov. Rick Snyder, State Attorney General Bill Schuette and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce were among the opposition, which raised nearly $25.9 million to defeat the proposal.

Our goal was to persuade voters that collective bargaining affected everyone, not just union members or even workers ingeneral. FIrefighters are a potent symbol in society of sacrifice and public service. Showing in this dramatic way that firefighters needed CB to protect all of us was critical to engaging voters.

The campaign ran at a breakneck pace and tapped into values like fair wages, public safety, and education. Despite the loss, we're proud of the both the quantity and the quality of our work, and feel honored to have waged this battle against special corporate interests in Michigan.