Patrick Murphy: Numbers Campaign for Congress

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Campaign Spot

I'm a CPA. We do numbers.

Patrick Murphy breaks down the numbers behind Allen West's votes and accusations.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Patrick Murphy's race against the "bomb-throwing, tea party darling" Allen West was one of the toughest Congressional races of 2012. "Numbers" was the last ad we aired before election day. We wanted an ad that functioned as a comparative ad as well as a positive ad, by highlighting the basic character strengths Murphy held over West. It had been a hard-­fought, negative campaign, and we knew that putting Patrick to camera, paired with unique graphics to keep people's attention after months of ads, was the right choice at the end.

We weren't shy about the fact that all the negative West ads were lies, and the spot communicated to voters that West was the wrong choice for Congress. Keeping Murphy to camera, connecting with voters, was a tool we had that West didn't. Which was pretty important when being outspent by the West campaign 4 to 1. West's ads were highly produced and very dramatic; we had to really think about how we could make the same impression with voters with far fewer points on the air.  "Numbers" was a great ad to wrap up this very tough race and Murphy defeated West by a narrow margin in Florida's 18th district.

This spot won a 2013 Reed Award from Campaigns & Elections for Best Democratic Congressional Television Ad and was recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants with a Silver Pollie Award for Best Television Candidate Ad, US House.