Patrick Murphy: 2003 Campaign for Congress

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Campaign Spot

You need the facts about Allen West in 2003.

There's no hiding behind the truth. Allen West just isn't who he says he is.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Patrick Murphy's race against the "bomb-throwing, tea party darling" Allen West was one of the toughest Congressional races of 2012. Near the end of the campaign, the West camp aired an extremely negative and untruthful ad about Murphy. It was time to hit back with everything we had. "2003" explained the truth about the end of West''s military career; that he violated military code, the army investigated his actions and relieved him of his duties. Our spot used the absolute facts, released by the military, about West's service in 2003.

The race was being watched by voters and pundits across the country. The West ad that was aired previous to "2003" got lots of media attention, and was being called the most negative ad in a Congressional race in history. After we aired our response the conversation continued in the national arena, but in Florida, voters were seeing more of the real West. He was not suitable for the military or for Congress. The facts in the spot were all in public records but no one had talked about them in political races. In addition to all the earned media that followed this ad, West's negatives increased, moving the needle even farther in the direction of a Murphy win. Despite being outspent by $14 million, this ad was the turning point in Murphy's nail-biting triumph over Allen West.

This ad was recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants with a Silver Pollie Award for Best Use of Negative Contrast, US House.