Long Island Clean Water Partnership: Way of Life Water Quality Awareness Campaign

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Campaign Spot

We all drink it, we can all protect it.

Our Long Island way of life depends on clean water. Stronger water quality standards can protect our clean water from threats from pollution – sewage, pesticide runoff and toxic chemicals -- that puts it all at at risk.

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Long Island, NY
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As part of the Long Island Partnership to Save Clean Water, The Nature Conservancy launched an advertising campaign to shed light on the threats posed to Long Island’s drinking water and local beaches, bays, rivers and harbors. The coalition is building support for solutions to Long Island’s nitrogen pollution problems. Aging sewer and septic systems leak nitrogen into Long Island’s ground water, which can lead to red tides, dying sea life, and toxic shellfish that people eat. Polluted groundwater can also infiltrate the deep aquifers that supply Long Island’s drinking water. Stronger water quality standards and upgrading sewer and septic systems have been proven to improve water quality. In concert with its public awareness campaign, the coalition of water and conservation groups is working with scientists and engineers to explore a number of policy and municipal solutions with the potential to reduce pollution levels and protect Long Island’s way of life for future generations.