Hollis French: Allie Campaign for State Senate

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Campaign Spot

Sometimes multinational oil companies need a little patience.

Hollis and his dog, Allie, demonstrate how oil companies should invest in Alaska's progress before they get a tax break reward.

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Anchorage, Alaska
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Hollis French faced a tough race against GOP challenger Bob Bell to retain his seat in the state senate. Alaska is an oil-­rich state, and the presence of mulit-­national oil companies in the state represents potential for jobs and oil revenue that benefit all Alaskans. Alaska's Republican Governor wanted a multi-­billion tax giveaway to big oil . Our candidate wanted to demonstrate that sometimes you need to demonstrate your loyalty before you get a big reward.

The ad revealed Hollis French as someone willing to stand up to multi-­national oil companies in the best interest of Alaskans. It showed he understood and was committed to the top-­of-­mind issues on which people would be voting. We were thrilled to help Hollis capture an important victory in this very red state.