Patrick Murphy: Time Out Campaign for Congress

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Campaign Spot

Get the #$*! out of the United States!

In our most talked-about spot, kids repeat some of Allen West's choicest insults and non-sequiturs.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Our opponent, Allen West, has a history of making radical, divisive, even hateful comments, while our candidate, Patrick Murphy, has a history of hard work and leadership. We took a handful of actual West quotes, and had children say them to camera. We wanted the voters to see how ridiculous Allen West was, and using children as the messengers underscored the abrasiveness of his words.

"Time Out" received incredible earned media attention, both in Florida's 18th District and on cable news programs nationwide. Every time it aired on MSNBC, internet donations came flooding in. It allowed the voters to realize that Allen West was not the kind of leader they needed in Congress. The unique messengers (children) captured the voters attention and started the important conversation about Allen West's qualifications to serve another term in Congress. The Murphy campaign was being outspent more than 4 to 1, so we needed to make the most of our television money. "Time Out" was memorable and relevant. It is a negative ad that people like to watch and helped us move our numbers, securing more third-­party money.

This ad was pivotal in Patrick Murphy's eventual victory and was recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants with a Bronze Pollie Award.