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Protect South Portland: Case Study

Protect South Portland: Case Study for Natural Resources Council of Maine

Joining the campaign just weeks before Election Day, we were faced with a tough challenge. Hamburger Company created two web ads and four display ads for Protect South Portland, a proponent of the waterfront protection ordinance.

The oil industry, the campaign’s primary opposition, spent more than $600,000 to defeat the waterfront protection ordinance. Protect South Portland relied heavily on volunteers and their door to door outreach efforts. With a small online budget of less than $10,000, we managed to inform and persuade voters at the polls.

In just two weeks, the display ads garnered 159,000 impressions and over 100 clicks. The videos had 64,000 impressions and just under 200 clicks. The most impressive aspect of the online advertising is that we held the viewers’ attention for the length of the 15 second video. Over 51,000 people watched 75% of the video and 48,000 watched 100% of the video.

Although the ordinance lost by a mere 192 votes, Hamburger Company effectively raised awareness and prompted action with video and display advertisements, despite being vastly outspent.

A special thanks goes out to the Protect South Portland campaign and our web team, Campaign Grid, for their fantastic effort in this uphill battle.

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