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Hamburger Company Ad Highlighted in Hawaii

We're proud to note that one of our spots was recently featured in Pacific Business News! The 60-second ad for Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP), entitled "Live" is currently airing on television stations in Honolulu. 

PRP is a group formed with the Hawaii Carpenters Union and Hawaii’s unionized contractors aiming to promote growth in urban areas of Hawaii while preserving the natural environment. The focus of this spot is on the new Kaka'ako development, a green building project supported by the Sierra Club.

We collaborated on this ad with Interface Media Group to create Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) that beautifully captures the imagined Transit Oriented Development projects along the rail line.

A few highlights from the article are below. Check out the full piece at the Pacific Business News website


The pro-rail PRP recently launched a 60-second television commercial promoting the benefits of “Live, Work, Play Neighborhoods,” such as Kakaako.


“What’s more, by revitalizing urban areas we’re able to find a balance between permitted growth and the preservation of the natural environment, culture, local identity and quality of life,” PRP Executive Director John White said in a statement. “And when these revitalized areas are integrated, the benefits are tangible — less time spent commuting, more time with family and money saved in fuel, parking and household energy costs.”

Filmed in Kaka'ako, the TV spot features computer-generated images of ground-level city landscapes and cinematic portrayals of life in Honolulu.


View the spot here: